Nov 18, 2023

Club Gustav: Christmas Carol Classics

The orchestral resonance and harmonious interplay of violins serve as a lush backdrop to the timeless repertoire of Christmas carols. From Pyotr Tchaikovsky's unmistakable suite, "The Nutcracker," to the spirited holiday renditions of Louis Armstrong, this melodic tapestry has become an indispensable part of Christmas festivities worldwide. Particularly in America, luminaries like Duke Ellington and John Kirby have reimagined this iconic work, infusing classical compositions with exuberant jazz interpretations.

In his capacity as the Artistic Director of the Norwegian Jazz Orchestra, Felix Peikli extends a cordial invitation to partake in our Christmas carol classics at Club Gustav. With bespoke arrangements and an infusion of American holiday exuberance, an immediate surge of Christmas cheer is assured!

  • Organizer Name: Jazz Music Norway | Hotel Amerikalinjen
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  • Venue: Club Gustav
  • Date: Nov 18, 2023
  • Time: 07:30-09.00PM & 10:00-11:30PM
  • Venue: Jernbanetorget 2, 0154 Oslo
  • Tickets: Ordinary: 295 NOK
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