Dec 16, 2023

Lørdagsjazz i Ski: A Swingin' Christmas

Welcome to Saturday Jazz at Rådhusteatret in Ski, featuring 'Christmas Jazz' with vocalist Natalie Aldema at the helm, accompanied by Asle Røe on guitar, Jens Fossum on bass, and Saturday Jazz curator Frederik Villmow on drums. This ensemble brings a selection of Christmas tunes presented in a swinging jazz style.

Natalie Aldema, hailing from Drammen, is a vocalist, composer, lyricist, and band leader. She received her education from the K.U.B.A Jazz Academy in Copenhagen and the Jazz Program at NTNU in Trondheim, with vocal training from notable figures such as Karin Krog. In addition to numerous domestic tours, Aldema has graced the stages of several jazz festivals across the country, including Nattjazz, Oslo Jazz Festival, Dølajazz Lillehammer, and Trondheim Jazz Festival. Natalie Aldema has delved into the Christmas jazz repertoire, infusing tunes that swing audiences into the perfect holiday spirit.

  • Organizer Name: Jazz Music Norway | Lørdagsjazz
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  • Venue: Rådhusteatret i Ski
  • Date: Dec 16, 2023
  • Time: 01:00-03.15PM
  • Venue: Idrettsveien 8, 1400 Ski
  • Tickets: Ordinary: 225 NOK
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